The Concept will encourage, celebrate and support the ethos of giving

There are many ways that we can give and share:

Love - Time Experience Money Skills Care - Energy Knowledge

starsandhearts will support the work of individuals, communities, local groups, charities and other organisations. doing good works by actively promoting and profiling their work. We will also introduce networking opportunities and acknowledge good works via a number of events including a high profile Awards Ceremony.


In the current economic climate there will be many cutbacks that will affect society in a variety of ways and in turn place a greater need for the vital work being carried out by individuals, communities, local groups, charities and other organisations.

In England and Wales alone there are some 160,000 + registered charities, doing important work, many of them struggling to raise the necessary funds for their work to continue and thrive.

  • Recent findings show that higher levels of giving come from the older age groups (65 +) perhaps indicating the different attitudes and beliefs of past generations. starsandhearts will encourage giving from all age groups and especially focus on encouraging the younger generation to start giving
  • The new state of donation: Three decades of household giving to charity, 1978 2008

We feel there is a need to be actively engaging with people in a fun, innovative and informative way, by showcasing on

  • The latest news
  • Who is doing what
  • Showbiz and sports star celebrity news
  • What the commercial sector contributes to giving and sharing
  • Championing the un-sung heroes changing lives
  • Historic philanthropic pioneers
  • How the site visitors in turn can help

Why we are Different

starsandhearts is different from private philanthropic clubs, which are members only, or specific initiatives encouraging one type of philanthropy (e.g. volunteering)

We are open to everyone who would like to consider giving in some form, and who want to decide or review the benefits or impact of their gift.

starsandhearts will also challenge attitudes to giving, by profiling role models who are philanthropists, however big or small.

We will also provide a platform for aspiring donors to come together to maximise the impact of their individual gifts and share their experience

We feel that there is a need to highlight and promote the many good works being done in order to promote and attract a more philanthropic way of thinking.

Our Plan

Engage with society was launched during 2011 and features exciting news and events happening in the charity world and good works being carried out by organisations, companies and individuals from around the globe.

The website has a bright modern magazine format and with constantly changing news and views from across the world from all those giving and sharing. will:

  • Emphasise the support being given to charities by showbiz and sports personalities to support causes close to their hearts
  • Profile the unsung heroes around the country as their work is often overlooked by the wider community, but can offer a vital component for the youth and less advantaged groups within society
  • Focus on the good works being carried out by the commercial world, through the many community projects that are supported
  • Highlight the work of the philanthropic individuals who having made a success of their lives now want to give something back to help others change their lives, thereby promoting the importance of putting something back.
  • Reflect on the work of famous philanthropists of the past such as Titus Salt, Andrew Carnegie, Robert Wood Johnson, and Elizabeth Fry
  • Utilise the social and business networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn etc.
  • Support the 'giving' sector by establishing networking opportunities running breakfast clubs and conferences
  • Providing a platform for philanthropists with shared interests and aspirations to come together and maximise the impact of their individual giving or add value to their giving
  • Raise the profile of charities and small voluntary groups, their good works and funding needs by allowing them to profile free of charge on We will not take a percentage of any online donations made via the site
  • Provide an area on the site where charity fundraising events can inform people of any last minute tables and tickets
  • Recognize the 'good works' being done by developing the Stars and Hearts Awards Ceremony. A high profile, glamorous and star-studded event will be developed to attract attention to this sector and champion the award winners


A targeted PR and Marketing strategy will be implemented to focus on all sectors of the site: charities; individuals; companies and organisations. This strategy will utilise all aspects of the media and the social and business networking sites

The Mappin Group Background information

THE MAPPIN GROUP is an independent company working across a diverse range of areas within the sport, entertainment, commercial, government and charity sectors. Founded by highly respected businesswoman and former international tennis player, Sue Mappin, the group is able to access a talented network of contacts and partners, having run and established a charity for Sir Cliff Richard OBE and having supported a number of high profile individuals and organisations with their charities the team behind starsandhearts have an understanding of what is required in this sector.


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