The Concept a UNIQUE employment and recruitment service to the sports industry, providing the employer with the greatest number of quality candidates and providing the candidate with challenging job opportunities. This predominantly web based service gives access to a multitude of employment opportunities within the sports world, from development to directorships. We aimed to meet the employers' demands by offering a comprehensive recruitment solution, matching their aspirations to the relevant employment opportunities.

The Team

The small executive team with over 70 years professional experience in the field built strong worldwide ties during this time. The inspiration for stems from a lifetime of experience both competing and working in the sports world, so who better to find a dream job or fill that crucial role?

How We Reached Our Goal

Thorough research was conducted, investigating the current recruitment industry. The leisure industry was booming with people working longer hours and having a greater disposable income to spend on their leisure time.

Sport specific recruitment / employment agencies were very few and far between, and those that were in existence, certainly didn't have a hold on the buoyant tennis market. We felt that with our combined experience and network of contacts, we were perfectly placed to make this a success, and fill the gap in the market.

The Result traded successfully for three years before being taken over by an international online recruitment agency. The founders retained shares in the company.

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