Responsible for:

  • Management of all aspects of staging the event
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Recruitment
  • Volunteer Programme
  • Ticketing
  • Seating
  • Hospitality
  • Exhibition
  • Accommodation
  • Media Centre
  • Accreditation
  • Transport
  • Site management
  • Festival
  • Printed material - design and production
  • Floral Displays

The Fed Cup is the premier women's team event, equivalent to the men’s Davis Cup, launched in 1963 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The 1991 event, staged at the Nottingham Tennis Centre, brought together 56 nations with all the top ranked women players from the WTA Tour representing their country in this prestigious and colourful team competition. Spain and the USA contested the final, amongst the players competing were Steffi Graf, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, with Spain winning the championship for the first time.

The Challenges

Having placed a successful UK bid to the ITF the Nottingham challenges were:

  • To stage the event at a brand new facility with little infrastructure in place to host a major sporting event
  • Promote the event to a UK wide audience which had little previous knowledge of the format or world wide importance
  • How to engage the local community so that they supported the event
  • What to bring to the event which would make it different from other sporting events staged in the UK
  • To secure commercial sponsors to support the event


  • The site, though large, was a public tennis facility with 20 outside cement tennis courts located on a level site with wide walkways and adjacent to playing fields. There were basic changing and refreshment areas for the public, plus 8 indoor cement tennis courts.The challenge was to transform the site into an international tennis venue, capable of dealing with several thousand people each day of the 10 day event, the tennis element, the international media and the corporate sector
  • Our approach was to look at all the demands from the various groups who would visit the site and make sure that they were all catered for in a creative and unique way
  • Every aspect of the planning and delivery of the event was created to inspire and engage with all the people who would attend
  • We were determined to make this Federation Cup the most successful ever staged

How We Reached Our Goal

  • Researched and secured a team of experts to work on all aspects of the event
  • Diana, The Princess of Wales accepted our invitation to become Patron and she attended the preevent launch in the UK as well as attending the Opening Ceremony
  • Developed a PR/marketing campaign to raise the profile of the event, which was as diverse as launching a Federation Cup Rose at the Chelsea Flower Show, to involving one of the world’s leading dress designers, Bruce Oldfield to create the GB Team official outfits
  • Launched a primary school "Adopt A Nation" challenge which involved curriculum studies for each school on the country they had adopted, and then supporting that team when they came to the Fed Cup. Each school was included on site in a collage of work from the project
  • Engaged the local community in a volunteer recruitment drive which resulted in the event being supported by the volunteers in all areas from driving team cars to interpreters for each team
  • Ensured the site was accessible for all
  • Planned the look and feel of the event and made sure it was consistent throughout
  • Created media centre for international journalists radio and TV crews, which was achieved by converting an indoor tennis court
  • Provided team changing rooms and lounges within the confines of a public tennis centre
  • Build main stadium court to accommodate 10,000 people
  • Created an exhibition hall for the sport and the local Nottinghamshire area trades, which formed the entrance to the site for all spectators thus ensuring all exhibitors could be seen
  • Developed a Tennis Festival Area which was surrounded by the public catering outlets which we ensured offered far from the normal standard of public catering
  • The VIP & corporate hospitality areas were in a tented village on site and we ensured that the attendees watched the tennis by imaginative coaxing
  • Introduced the teams to the Nottingham area and provided them with team hosts
  • Secured a host nation sponsor in Midland Bank (HSBC) plus a abundance of supporting sponsors
  • Boots The Chemist, not only provided the on-site creche, but also hosted one of the many official parties
  • Radio 1 Roadshow came to the site during the event which attracted new young people to attend the event
  • Staged many pre-event promotions in the Nottingham Market Square and dressed the town with the event branding

The Result

  • Applauded by the tennis world as the best in the history of the event, it attracted a record crowd of over 80,000 and acclaim from the media, sponsors, exhibitors, tennis stars and spectators alike
  • Set the standard for all future tennis events staged in the UK
  • Left a tennis legacy with the local community which still exists today
  • Lasting relationship with the local Nottingham schools
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